Wrong location in live.com

I’ve been looking at the newly out of beta Live.com search engine.

The biggest problem I have encountered is that the location seems to be wrongly detected. I am located in South Africa – I have checked my regional setting on my computer and they are correct.

If I search in Firefox I notice that mkt=en-gb is returned as part the results URL and the results are geared towards the UK. I am also given the option to retrieve results "Only from United Kingdom". However, if I do the same search with IE7rc1 on the same machine – then mkt=en-us is set in the URL and I get predominantly US results.

On Firefox and IE7 if I select "Options" in live.com the locations are detected as "johannesburg, gauteng" and "pretoria, gauteng" respectively. This is pretty close to home but even saving those options still locks me into UK or US results.

It’s only by ‘hacking’ the URL to mkt=en-za that I can get South Africa results.

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