Recent Work at Inline Studio

Inline Studio has been busy with a few interesting jobs over the past month. Here’s just a few of them.


I’ve been working recently with StaySA to upgrade some of their websites. They have a number of websites listing various South African Accommodation options.

Most of the work currently is in the background but I’m hoping to get a chance to redesign soon.

They currently have 5 websites:

StaySA: South African Accommodation
StayKZN: KZN Accommodation
StayWestCape: Western Cape Accommodation
StayEasternCape: Eastern Cape Accommodation
Bed & Breakfast Directory

There is another related site in development.


FamCare Aesthetic Clinic were undergoing a name change and needed both printed materials and a new website. The website, launched this week, is a pure CSS design. I’m particularly happy with the background images – it was pretty tough getting 2 background images to work together but it works on everything apart from IE6. Anyway, I’m sure you all using Firefox right?

Amatola Water Intranet

Amatola Water needed a new intranet for their office staff to list documents, procedures, etc and to include a discussion forum – and they needed it within a month! One of our biggest projects to date and one of the most demanding schedules as well but we pulled it of with a week to spare.

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