Getting personal: top ten lists

I was discussing my favourite bands with a friend recently. Over a period of about a week I added and subtracted from a list that may or may not be my top ten.

What I mean is this is a snap shot the beginning of July. It will be different next week and probably the week after next.

Being inspired by a post over at 456 Berea Street I decided to post them here.

  • Beatles
  • Ben Folds (Five)
  • Nivana
  • Pixies
  • Jonathan Richman (70s & 80s)
  • Talking Heads
  • The Pink Floyd
  • Tom Waits
  • Brian Wilson
  • Chumbawamba

When I get around to it I might well try:

  • My top ten favourite music albums
  • My top ten favourite music singles
  • My top ten favourite novels

Feel free to join in…

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  1. Melissa   •  

    Hello…Can’t believe you mentioned our conversation. Feel special..Ha. Very cool site. I need to learn some of these little tricks. Take care.


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