What’s in a name

I’ve never disliked the surname Angling but it sometimes gets tiring saying “yes, like fishing” all the time. According to the WSJ article You’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well it would seem I am pretty lucky having my name.

2000 Bloggers

I’d forgotten about this having signed up a little while ago. I was reminded this morning when I started to spot some new incoming links appearing into my website. We’re 2000 bloggers from all walks of life, from mommy bloggers to marketing bloggers: Some are SEO experts, some are writers, some are sports enthusiasts, some […]

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Wrong location in live.com

I’ve been looking at the newly out of beta Live.com search engine. The biggest problem I have encountered is that the location seems to be wrongly detected. I am located in South Africa – I have checked my regional setting on my computer and they are correct. If I search in Firefox I notice that […]

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301 redirects

301 redirects are important if you are moving or relocating a website or webpage that has already got traffic and/or PageRank. By using a 301 redirect search engines, well Google definately, will see the redirect as a permanent move and all page rank from the old URL will filter through to the new url. Please note […]

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