Allow Facebook to change your mood?

  Following the general upset this week with the release of a study where Facebook allowed it’s newsfeed to be manipulated during a study of emotional contagion a Google Chrome plugin for Facebook has been released by Artist/Programmer Lauren Mccarthy. The study can downloaded here. The plugin is available in the Chrome Webstore.

Redeveloping fastQuotes

I just thought I’d write a very quick post on the redevelopment of fastQuotes. First of all we are still big fans of Codeigniter from EllisLab, so no change there. Codeigniter is a great PHP framework that doesn’t try to do to much! Unlike some other frameworks it doesn’t back you into a corner of […]

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Blend it like Beckham

Spotted a post on Cherryflava of an iPhone being blended. Facinating to watch but also an excellent example of viral marketing. The website Will It Blend? is run by Blendtec, the manufactuer of The Total Blender that is used in the series. I have to say it worked on me. I don’t exactly want to […]

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Google Office

I love Microsoft – I admit it. I’m addicted to Microsoft Office and can’t live without Outlook 2007. I create list after list in Excel and have done for years but over the last couple of weeks I have been introducing Google Docs into two of my businesses. So far I have to say I’m […]

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The Great South African Bandwidth Swindle

The Free Bandwidth Campaign website states that South Afrian’s monthly bandwidth allocation is not supposed to include local traffic? “According to regulations promulgated in terms of the Electronic Communications Act of 2005, all local bandwidth must be provided free to ADSL users. “The local bandwidth regulation was gazetted as Notice 1112 of 2006, and clearly […]

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