Recent Work at Inline Studio

Inline Studio has been busy with a few interesting jobs over the past month. Here’s just a few of them. StaySA I’ve been working recently with StaySA to upgrade some of their websites. They have a number of websites listing various South African Accommodation options. Most of the work currently is in the background but […]

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Google Office

I love Microsoft – I admit it. I’m addicted to Microsoft Office and can’t live without Outlook 2007. I create list after list in Excel and have done for years but over the last couple of weeks I have been introducing Google Docs into two of my businesses. So far I have to say I’m […]

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The Great South African Bandwidth Swindle

The Free Bandwidth Campaign website states that South Afrian’s monthly bandwidth allocation is not supposed to include local traffic? “According to regulations promulgated in terms of the Electronic Communications Act of 2005, all local bandwidth must be provided free to ADSL users. “The local bandwidth regulation was gazetted as Notice 1112 of 2006, and clearly […]

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What’s in a name

I’ve never disliked the surname Angling but it sometimes gets tiring saying “yes, like fishing” all the time. According to the WSJ article You’re a Nobody Unless Your Name Googles Well it would seem I am pretty lucky having my name.