links for 2010-03-08

How to Override PHP Configuration Options You can change almost any aspect of the interpreter within the php.ini configuration file, e.g. modify error handling, increase memory usage, etc. (tags: php htaccess apache)

links for 2010-02-14

Dust-Me Selectors Dust-Me Selectors is a Firefox extension (for v1.5 or later) that finds unused CSS selectors in a website or website. Use it to clean up old/outdated CCS (tags: css firefox extension webdesign)

Accommodation in South Africa

There has been some big updates going on at StaySA in the past few months. StaySA – South Africa’s Accommodation Solution – has completely redesigned their websites and relaunched all of their accommodation websites. If you are looking for South African Accommodation then please check out the new websites. Also, earlier in the year […]

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Media Censorship in South Africa

The current Film and Publications Act regulates films and publications other than the news media by censorship and classification measures which determine the age groups precluded from viewing certain films and which publications should be prohibited or how they should be displayed in stores. A clause in that Act exempted the media from its provisions […]

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Blend it like Beckham

Spotted a post on Cherryflava of an iPhone being blended. Facinating to watch but also an excellent example of viral marketing. The website Will It Blend? is run by Blendtec, the manufactuer of The Total Blender that is used in the series. I have to say it worked on me. I don’t exactly want to […]

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