Lost in the minefield

So having arrived in Dakhla we had expected to pick up a few other overlanders over the weekend so that we could go through the Western Sahara in convoy (since the formal army convoy had been abolished in January). So up at 7 for a 7:30am leave with Chris and Tanya from Austria who were […]

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Dash for the border

Bart and Wendy had taken the kids to the beach so after a morning of feeling very ill it was time to get up and do some work. First the handbrake needs some tightening and then to fix the anti-roll bar that seems to have broken. Well, after much fiddling the diagnosis is that it […]

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Mud and more mud

Leaving Sidi Ifini to find Plage Blanche (white beach) but first a bath in one of the bath houses called a haman. The Moroccans have to wash before visiting the mosque and so these places are usually found near one, we however only found one for us girls. You go in wearing only your knickers […]

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First week in Africa

So stuck in Gibraltar on Easter Monday, Nicole took the opportunity to finish off some college work and in the afternoon we went up the rock in the drizzle… On Tuesday we finally manage to visit the bank and sort a few things out before heading towards the ferry for Morocco. We finally get everything […]

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Spain but no rain

Madrid, hot sunny and we are chasing around for welders. The guys at Desierto 4×4 montana were unable to reinforce the chassis and took us to some welder who did a fine job – while we sat in the local bar and drank far too much coffee. So now we are able to jack the […]

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Heading South

So finally we get moving again. It´s been lovely hanging around in Geneva and catching up with Sarah but it´s time to hit the road again. Only this time we have a passenger. Bex has decided to join us for a couple of days as unfortunately Sarah has had to work. So we headed into […]

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Quick Update

We’re in Geneva at the moment and have just found an internet cafe. We plan to update the site in a few days to keep an eye out for some new articles. In the meantime we’re both well and have been enjoying the snow!