Allow Facebook to change your mood?

  Following the general upset this week with the release of a study where Facebook allowed it’s newsfeed to be manipulated during a study of emotional contagion a Google Chrome plugin for Facebook has been released by Artist/Programmer Lauren Mccarthy. The study can downloaded here. The plugin is available in the Chrome Webstore.

Places of Safety

A lot of people are angry about the baby that died in East London yesterday after being abandoned in on the street in a plastic bag – and well they should! But please spare a moment to remember that the mother is also a human being and we don’t know her circumstances.  We don’t don’t know at […]

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Redeveloping fastQuotes

I just thought I’d write a very quick post on the redevelopment of fastQuotes. First of all we are still big fans of Codeigniter from EllisLab, so no change there. Codeigniter is a great PHP framework that doesn’t try to do to much! Unlike some other frameworks it doesn’t back you into a corner of […]

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